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By using IMEX Pacifc Money to send money, you hereby declare that you are making the transfer on your own behalf and to provide accurate information as requested.

You are also agreeing to the following terms:

  1. IMEX Ltd operates a financial transfer business including online option via its website www.imexpacificmoney.com with transactions originating in New Zealand (only) and paid out in Samoa and/or Tonga. Its overall customer base is the Pasifika community in New Zealand sending ‘remittances’ to support their immediate family, extended relatives, church and village of in Samoa and Tonga. Additionally, remittances are also sent using this service by RSE / seasonal workers/fruit pickers from regional New Zealand.
  2. As a business undertaking financial transactions, IMEX Ltd ensures that its operations and procedures promote compliance with the New Zealand Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 and related Regulations.
  3. The Sender undertakes to provide honest and correct information as requested by the service. The Sender confirms that the Receiver is known to him/herself and that the funds transferred are not of proceeds of illegal activities nor to be used for illegal purposes. IMEX Ltd may delay or refuse to process a transfer if its staff and/or agents have reasonable doubt as to the truthfulness of the information provided by the Sender and/or grounds relating to character basis.
  4. IMEX Ltd ensures that all transfers of funds will be available for the Receiver to collect within less than 1 hour of transfer, within the working hours of its agents in Samoa and Tonga & taking into consideration international time differences.
  5. Once a transfer is approved & processed, a Transfer Code is automatically generated and emailed to the email addressed provided by the Sender.
  6. The Receiver must present a current official ID in the receiving country’s agent and the Transfer Code in order to receive the transfer funds.
  7. The transferred funds will be available to the Receiver in cash the currency of the country of destination, being either WST for Samoa or TOP for Tonga. Transfers are processed via its website payment gateway Windcave and restricted to debit cards only. Furthermore, transactions are limited to a maximum amount of WST 1500 or TOP 1200 per transfer (amounts below NZD 1000). The transfer fee of NZD 8 is also charged and clearly displayed on the website panel.
  8. IMEX Ltd will not be liable for damages resulting from non-payment, delayed payment, incorrect payment or failing to deliver any special personal message by negligence of its servants or agents or from any other cause to an extent greater than USD 500.
  9. If Transfer funds are not collected by the Receiver within 21 days of the request date, the Sender may request a refund in writing to IMEX Ltd to the following email : auckland@imexpacificmoney.com and the Sender will provide IMEX Ltd with the details of the nominated bank account for which refund amount will be transferred to. The refund amount will be the transfer amount in NZD currency less the transfer fee applicable and any charges that may be incurred in processing the refund. An advice of the transfer of the refund amount will be emailed to the Sender’s email address provided, as proof of refund.